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Every Battle is Won Before it is Ever Fought.

Toronto Criminal Law FirmFew experiences are as scary and potentially life changing as being confronted with a criminal charge. The outcomes for your personal or professional life can be significant.

If you are charged with a crime, choosing the right Toronto criminal defence firm to defend you will be the most important choice you will ever make.

For many, the criminal court system can be a legal maze with many unexpected twists and turns. Navigating this hostile terrain requires an experienced, committed and effective guide. Daniel Brown appreciates that discretion is of the utmost importance to his clients. He is an expert at taking quick and effective action while at the same time maintaining his clients’ anonymity throughout the court process.

At Daniel Brown Law, we have one overriding goal: to expertly solve your legal problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While Daniel’s clients come from a wide range of occupations and walks of life, many are professionals who find themselves in unfamiliar trouble with the law. Frequently, they have been referred to Daniel’s firm by colleagues who recognize his expertise in dealing with sensitive cases where discretion is paramount.

In more than a decade, Daniel has conducted well over a thousand cases. He and his team of trial and appeal lawyers have appeared at all levels of criminal court and acquired the experience, expertise and personal contacts essential to tailoring a defence that fits your unique set of circumstances.

A criminal defence lawyer is more than just a legal technician. He is an ally and an advocate who operates at all times with your best interests at heart. As a client of Daniel Brown Law, you are much more than just a name. Daniel understands that clients need and deserve consideration, empathy, explanation and patience.

Daniel will be there when you need him to work with you one‐on‐one. He also has the advantage of a team of lawyers working alongside him who are well versed in a wide spectrum of criminal law areas.

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